The Brand 

Maya Winston was founded in New York City and is eponymous with its founder, Maya Winston. The brand values authenticity, inclusive luxury, and world class experience demonstrated by Maya Winston’s attention to detail in sourcing, production, design, packaging, and delivery. Maya Winston’s brand presentation has created a ground swell of organic support that has elevated its brand and the Maya Winston community. 

The brand is a direct reflection of New York City, delivering on functionality and versatility, while carrying the luxury inspirations of 5th ave and its global counterparts. 

Founder Maya Winston saw an opportunity to challenge “fast fashion”, an environment in which goods are mass produced with fewer attention to detail. Maya Winston sought to challenge those norms, by creating an elevated experience for each client, including a luxury gift box enclosed with a bow and handwritten thank you notes for each order. 

 “The thing about experiences is, it evokes emotion; that feeling can't be forced, it has to be organic. Our goal is to provide that experience to our clients with each order.” - Maya Winston


The Designer

Maya Winston originally from Jamaica, moved to the Bronx, NY at 11 years old. Not only was Maya raised in the mecca of fashion, but was surrounded by it in the household. His mother, a seamstress and his older sister, a designer in her own right influenced Maya’s gravitation toward the industry.

Maya has been involved in the fashion industry for over a decade in various roles; most prominently his time in industry as development and production manager in which he’s delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of product to market. Maya Winston has spent extended time getting to learn the nuances of quality and product, making stops in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Maya Winston's obsession with production quality, New York City culture, and his global vantage point has allowed him to create separation from his peers and bring a unique brand to the masses.